2 October 2023, Monday, 20:30
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Latushka: Belarusian equipment often breaks at presentations

Latushka: Belarusian equipment often breaks at presentations

The Belarusian ambassador to France criticised Belarusian technical products.

Pavel Latushka, Belarus's ambassador to France, said in the programme Kontury on ONT TV channel that Belarusian diplomatic missions in foreign countries were unable to solve the problem of export, because it's the task of manufacturers. How can a commercial advisor or an ambassador make people trust Belarusian products, it equipment often breaks during presentations?

“Embassies sometimes receive letters on one page saying that a company has a number of engines or a number of TVs or a number of other products in stock. They just write how many products they have and ask to sell them in the host country,” he says.

According to him, one shouldn't expect one commercial advisor or one ambassador to solve the problem of export for thousands enterprises working in the country. “It's not because we don't want to work. It because we have only 24 hours in a day,” Latushka noted.

“We often see that our technical products break during presentations. Of course, how can one trust the products that get broken during the first presentation? Or a key cannot open a vehicle. Can you imagine that you buy a Mercedes car, take the key and cannot open the door with the key? Of course, we don't sell Mercedes cars, but when we speak about agricultural machinery, buyers expects to see a Mercedes on the field,” Latushka said.