18 January 2018, Thursday, 16:43

Isolation center in Akrescina Street refused to accept parcel for Homiel activists


At the penitentiary institution they refused to accept a parcel for the activists detained for an anti-war rally.

Young Front activists from Homiel Stas Bula and Dzmitry Karashkou were detained on 11 March near Russia’s embassy in Minsk with banners reading ‘Putin, hands off Ukraine’ and ‘No war! Putin – enemy’.

At the Central police department they had protocols on an administrative violation composed for insubordination to a legitimate request or demand of an official on duty (article 23.4 of the Code on Administrative Conduct of the Republic of Belarus). By court’s decision Stanislau Bula was sentenced to an 11-day arrest, Dzmitry Karashkou – to 15-day arrest, human rights center Viasna reports.

On 20 March an activist Volha Mikalajchyk brought a parcel for the guys to the isolation center in Akrescina Street. However, they refused to accept the food and water there. A representative of the administration captain Buzan referred to the fact that the woman was not related to the detained.

“I did say that the guys’ relatives live in Homiel, and it is difficult for them to come to Minsk, however no one listened to me”, - the activist said.