16 January 2018, Tuesday, 14:27

Lukashenka: Put everyone under martial law


The dictator threatens the government with criminal charges.

Lukashenka demanded that firm discipline was maintained in forage procurement. Such a task he set today as he visited the farm Shypiany of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences in Smaliavichy district of Minsk region, BelTA reports.

“We know it all, how it should be done, but due to laxity we at times lose huge money!” – the ruler highlighted. According to him, last year agriculture received Br 7 trillion less than due in the dairy industry alone. “This accounts for Br 20 trillion altogether! This is the money that agriculture needs today. And we do not have to go ask it from anyone”, - he said.

Lukashenka emphasized that it is necessary to use to the fullest the favorable weather conditions for efficiently storing forage. “We have never had such weather conditions like this spring. The winter crops were 100% excellent condition, and we have time to sow spring crops, - the ruler pointed out. – The spring is the best kind you could think of. The greenhouse effect. The development is excellent”.

Lukashenka highlighted that the main issue now is chemical weeding. “Such moisture favors fast growth of weed and illnesses. That is why it is necessary to protect the plants. This necessarily must be done! If we do not do that, we will lose the harvest, we will leave all the bread in grass”, - he said.

“Everyone must be put under martial law for harvesting, especially of the corn! If we lose it, we will not get it. The same goes for forage procurement, - Lukashenka emphasized. – Everyone must be mobilized for forage procurement! Do not come later and say that your cows limp, the stomach is wrong, the heart aches… Why? Because we have violated the forage structure, do not procure forage as due, the way the animal needs. We feed them silage – this acid. Perhaps, our ancestors were no fools, when they stored decent amounts of hay in order to feed a cow and bring up a calf”.

The ruler directed attention to the fact that the Ministry of Agriculture and Food had developed a structure, which must be followed. “This year is the transition period, close to what you have planned. Next year we must stick to the set forage structure. Enough practicing! Everyone from directors, specialists to the Prime Minister will be criminally responsible for that”, - he said.

“If this does not happen, there will be no meeting halfway in agriculture. You will simply bring a dictate upon yourselves. We cannot forgive mismanagement anymore with all the huge money that we invest”, - Lukashenka emphasized.

In this regard, the ruler turned attention to the fact that plants must be protected and the preparation works done for crops harvesting. According to him, the equipment must also be completely prepared. The ruler also touched upon the situation over rape, having ordered to harvest the maximum possible volumes.

“There is nothing new, but there must be firm discipline”, - he summarized.