17 January 2018, Wednesday, 10:10

Russian tanks crossed Ukrainian border


The Russian aggression has reached the new level.

It has been stated by the editor-in-chief of Censor.net Yury Butusov on his Facebook page. The report has been confirmed by the Internal Affairs Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

“Today night three tanks T-72 have crossed the state border of Ukraine from the side of Russia. One tank stays in Snizhne settlement (Snezhnoe in Russian). The two other tanks have moves outside the city. In the vicinity of Snizhne these tanks were seized by Ukrainian troops. The battle is underway. According to reports, one Russian tank T-72 is put out of action,” he stated.

According to the sources in the power structures, additional forces – armoured vehicles and BM-21 Grad multiple-launch rocket systems, which also can be turned on at Ukraine any moment, have been deployed on the Russian territory in close vicinity to the Ukrainian border.

Many dwellers of Snizhne, who inform internal affairs bodies about tanks which have appeared in Snizhne, say that crews explicitly say that they are from Russia, and that they have come “to liberate Ukraine” and it is their “internationalist duty.” However, the local population does not show support to occupants.

“Experts suppose that the armoured vehicles driven by Russian military could be taken from Crimea. By such a primitive show the Kremlin expects to hide the Russian origin of the tanks,” Yury Butusov writes.

Photo from RIA “Novosti” archives