16 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:43

Hrodna resident: Growing prices and overstock. We need to change authorities


Most Belarusians are not satisfied with the economic situation in the country.

It can be seen in the man-on-the-street interview conducted by BelaPAN in Hrodna.

Here are some answers:

“It depends where, in what sector, one works. In general, the economic state is not bad, I think. I give it 3+ on a 5-point scale.”

“As for economy, all countries are in turmoil, all have faced a decline in production. How many points on a five-point scale? Well, perhaps 4+.”

“Prices are growing, so I don't think the economy deserves 5 points. We need reforms. We are in the union with Russia and Kazakhstan, so prices go up.”

“The authorities say the economic state is not good. Speeches of our dear president end with shouts and resignations. The conclusion is that everything is very bad. But people speak about it only at home. They are afraid of doing it in the street. We have excessive stock, prices are growing again. We need to change the authorities. Our geographical position shows that Western Europe is closer to us than Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.”

“My grade of the economy is two points.”

“I think the Belarusian economy is in a good state. I was in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece recently. I can compare. They have no roads, they don't construct anything. The best situation is now in Poland.”

“What economy do we have today in Belarus? Don't you see where people go? They go to the market, not to the shop. Because it's cheaper at the market. I was at the Polish consulate, saw long queues to get a visa. All go to Poland. It's cheaper and better there. It's everything you need. I don't know the situation in heavy industry. We offered BELAZ to everyone, except, perhaps, Ethiopia.”