18 January 2018, Thursday, 22:52

Vladimir Gostyukhin: I am happy for what is going on in Russia


The People's Artist of Belarus spoke about the reasons for the war in the Donbas region.

Vladimir Gostyukhin thinks it was the “dictatorship of American fascists” that made the Ukrainians depose the regime of Yanukovych and choose the values of the free world. The People's Artist of Belarus made this statement at the film festival Baltic Debuts in the Kaliningrad region, Regnum reports.

Trying to figure out the reasons for the events in Ukraine, the actor called the Kyiv authorities “puppets of Washington”. “They have the dictatorship of fascists in Ukraine! The dictatorship of American fascists! The authorities are henchmen and criminal puppets appointed by the criminal American regime. There's no democracy there,” he is convinced.

“Unfortunately, it was not organised by Bandera followers. Bandera followers are manipulated by America. I call this country the nest of Satan. They once said the Soviet Union was the evil empire. No, America is the lair of evil. The worst things come out of there! Russia is reviving now.”

Gostyukhin advised the Ukrainians to “come around”. “Wake up! Come around! You are mad,” he said in a rage. “I am happy for what is going on today in my homeland, Russia. It is not pathetic, but in my heart I have love for my homeland, love for the country where I was born. People begin to come around after being hypnotised by the West and America. For example, Crimea. People held a referendum and decided how they want to live. This is the highest democracy in the world!”

Vladimir Gostyukhin was born in Sverdlovsk in 1946. He became an actor at Minsk Theatre Studio of Film Actor in 1982. He played in many films, such as It Was in May, Long Haul Drivers, Hunting Elk, etc. He is known as a great fan of Lukashenka and an odious propagandist of the Belarusian regime.