11 June 2023, Sunday, 3:28
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Pillars Of Future Astravets NPP Collapsed


The building of the plant, according to the project, should be between the two reactors.

As Belsat TV-channel has found out from one of the workers of a Pinsk organization, that participates in the construction of the power plant, the incident took place in mid-April.

Photo by belsat.eu

There should be a nuclear-service building on the ground between the two reactors, the foundation of which is now being built. Because of the rush, workers poured too much concrete, according to the orders of management, the structure broke down and the pillars collapsed.

More than 20 workers were called to the object at night. They broke up 50 cubes of concrete with jackhammers for two days.

According to the Pinsk resident, this case is not the first one, but no one has been brought to account for the incident so far. Concrete worker are paid 4 million rubles a month and forced to work for 12 hours at the construction of the Astravets NPP.