26 September 2017, Tuesday, 17:38

Belarusian Not Allowed To Lithuania Because Of Soviet Symbols


The public demonstration of Nazi and communist symbols is banned by legal acts in Lithuania.

On Monday, January 9, Lithuanian border guards did not allow 21-year-old citizen of Belarus to cross the Lithuanian border, delfi.lt reports, referring to Lithuania's Border Protection Service.

The Belarusian wanted to drive in a Peugeot 405 car through the checkpoint Raigardas in Druskininkai district on Monday.

Lithuanian officials would not let him in, because there were Soviet symbols on the car – a five-pointed star with a sickle and hammer were glued on the rear window.

The foreigner had the right to get to Lithuania, but either on foot or by car, having removed the sticker.

As the driver refused to remove the Soviet symbols, he was refused entry and forced to return to Belarus.