24 September 2018, Monday, 3:42
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REP Activist From Babruisk: I Will Participate In All Actions

A lot of people joined the independent REP trade union during the spring protests.

On October 7, the World Day of Struggle for Decent Work, the activists of the Babruisk REP trade union distributed the newspaper Workers' Solidarity to passers-by, collected signatures for changing the venue of the rallies held in Babruisk and hold posters with social and economic slogans unfolded, though not for a long time – for 15 minutes, praca-by.info writes.

Three days after the picket, the head of the law enforcement department Lieutenant-Colonel Siarhei Rudzko called one of the activists Halina Lazarava and demanded that she should come to the police station. Halina Lazarava told him that she was lying in an infectious diseases hospital with a small child, and Rudzko promised to come to the hospital. At around 8 pm on October 11, he fulfilled his promise.

Journalists asked Halina Smirnova, the head of the trade union group in Babruisk, about the reasons for the persecution of Halina Lazarava and about how long had she joined the REP trade union:

– She joined us during the marches of "parasites", at the beginning of the year. Many just come to the REP, but not everyone joins the activity and becomes an activist. Why did she come? Because she was in a desperate situation. This can happen to everyone, no one can guarantee that we will always be fine. So it turned out that she was left alone with four children, without someone's help. Utility bills demand so much money – there is nothing left to live on. Her eldest daughter is seventeen years old, and she is already working. By the way, her eldest daughter also joined the REP trade union. Halina Lazarava said: "I don't care already; I will take part in any rallies; there is nothing to be afraid of, because if we are afraid, then what is left for us to do?" The promised help from the state is not forthcoming.

We remind that on October 21 at 14:00, the March of Disgruntled Belarusians 2.0 will begin at Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk. The main demands of the rally are the cancellation of Decree No. 3 and other illegal fees imposed by the authorities, as well as the increase of pensions and salaries.