21 February 2019, Thursday, 20:03
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Students In Minsk Rounded Up To See ‘Crimea’ Propagandistic Movie


The "Crimea" is a glorification of the annexation of the peninsula by the Russian military in March 2014.

An announcement was made for the students in the social network Vkontakte, in the group of the MITSO University (formerly the International Institute of Labor and Social Relations): the students are urged to sign up for the showing of the film "Crimea", which will be held on October 26 at the Moscow House in Minsk. The event will be specially attended by the director of the tape Alexey Pimanov, nn.by writes.

"The film is about the" historical events "of 2014. The unknown details of the "Crimean spring" and the colossal efforts to prevent a military conflict ", — this is how the film is described on the page of MITSO.

The sign-up for the movie is held in the department of the educational work and youth initiatives of the university.

It is noteworthy that the "Young Russia" organization brings the "Crimea" and Pimenov to Minsk. The very one headed by Sergei Lushch. Lushch is an adherent of the neo-Nazi views, was a pagan, fought against the "Judeo-Christian occupation". Now he acts as the distributor of "Russian culture in Belarus". Lushch has already brought a Black-Hundreder-writer Starikov to Minsk.

Belarusian cinemas refused to take the film "Crimea" in the distribution, although the trailers were shown before the start of the sessions.

Journalists contacted the first pro-rector of MITSO Aliaksandr Plashchynski and asked him to explain the position of the university.

"We are building democracy, so we have the right to choose any films we want. Did you see what they did on the occasion of the release of Matilda in Russia? So what? This is the choice of everyone, if they do not want to go, then do not go. I do not have any position here. We are free to choose within the framework of the law what to look at. If this is contrary to the law, then it is not worth looking at. No one forces to watch it," — Aliaksandr Plashchynski assured.

To be fair, the announcement in the MITSO group disappeared very quickly.

Rector of MITSO is the former first deputy head of the Lukashenka administration Stanislau Kniazeu, who previously served in the KGB. And one of the deputies of the rector is former Defense Minister Leanid Maltsau.

MITSO is a non-state university operating in Minsk since 1992 on the basis of the Higher School of Trade Union Movement of Belarus.