16 October 2018, Tuesday, 5:31
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Entrepreneurs: We Will Not Be Silent!


The Belarusian business still has a noose on the neck.

An ordinary entrepreneurs’ forum, held by the republican civil association “Perspective”, will take place on December 11 in the cultural-business centrer “House of Moscow” in Minsk. It is expected that about 200 businessmen from Minsk and all the regions in Belarus, as well as the officials of profile ministries and institutions, will take part in the event. The participants of the forum plan to summarize the results of the year and to talk about how to develop the small business, Brestskaya Gazeta writes.

The task of the meeting is to figure out the main problem points in the small business that require urgent solution, as well as "not to allow their development go in a negative scenario for the state as a whole," — the website of the NGO “Perspective” reports.

The year 2017 was as hard for the individual entrepreneurs as for all residents of the country, Chairman of the board of the republican civil association “Perspective” Anatol Shumchanka told Brestskaya Gazeta. "The general background of the economy and politics leaves us no choice but to tighten our belts and pessimistically look forward. So it is with entrepreneurs. We are still unheard, we still have a noose around our neck. They can still make us bankrupt and ruin utterly any time," — Shumchanka told.

He noted that the business community was aging. New problems and new challenges are emerging. The entrepreneurs see no support from the state in investing.

The "Perspective" believes that the demands put forward by the participants of the October forum of entrepreneurs will be relevant until the authorities implement them in full. In particular, entrepreneurs demanded to introduce a patent for retail trade; to relieve the individual entrepreneurs from the obligation to make contributions to the Social Protection Fund for a non-working period; to abolish obligations under which retailers who trade in non-food goods should confirm the conformity of products with the requirements of the technical regulations of the EAEC; to reduce penalties and prohibit the seizure and confiscation of goods from the individual entrepreneurs for violation of business conditions and so on.

The only thing that the individual entrepreneurs can count on, according to Shumchanka, is that the Council for the Development of Entrepreneurs will try to change the situation, although this is an advisory body. "We will try to use all the sites. We are not going to be silent, we will try to attract attention, to solve problems, so that our entrepreneurs would really develop,” — Shumchanka noted.