17 January 2022, Monday, 10:41
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Disgruntled Vitsebsk Resident: "I Am Afraid Of Nothing!"

Disgruntled Vitsebsk Resident: "I Am Afraid Of Nothing!"

An emotional speech of a Vitsebsk resident at the meeting of thousands roused the people.

Today, mass protests of disgruntled Belarusians, demanding to cancel the decree №3 "on parasitism", were held in Vitsebsk, Brest, Babruisk and Baranavichy. The Charter97.org website reported live events online.

The rally of thousands in Vitsebsk turned to be the most massive one. A meeting participant said to Belsat reporters:

– People are tired. People simply want to live. The decree on "parasites" touches upon every family – upon every fourth, like during the war. Somebody’s sons-in-law, daughters, sons have lost their jobs. We go to work to Russia, to drag three kopeks out of there! Belarusians want to see their wives and children, and they have to sleep in the wagons in Russia instead! We are like the Uzbeks there, and we cannot find work here at home.

My two sons with higher education got married and they have failed to find a job here! Wives have been left here alone and they cannot give birth to children. What a dump! I’m not afraid of anyone!

– Could such rallies make a difference?

– I think, yes! You have to keep putting one foot in front of the other! If you don’t do it – there will be nothing.

All of us have children: the officials, the rich and the poor. You (the authorities – Ed.) are people like us – with two arms and legs. You also get sick, break up and die. Have a heart! You will take nothing with you!