18 June 2018, Monday, 16:22

Deputy MFA Of Poland Meets With Ananich

The Ministry of Information of Belarus has proposed to create an agreement on cooperation in the information sphere between Belarus and Poland.

The preparation of this agreement is initiated by the Ministry of Information of Belarus. This has been said by Minister Lilia Ananich at a meeting with Poland's Deputy Foreign Minister Marek Ziulkowski, Radio Liberty informs.

The Minister has also added that there is a whole line of television channels in Belarus that can find their place in the issue of information cooperation.

Marek Ziulkowski has noted that, in the recent years, the interest to the Belarusian media has grown in Poland. All this, he has said, can "contribute to strengthening of the relations between the two countries and is beneficial for both states."

Important to note, an independent website Charter97.org was blocked yesterday during the "Non-Parasites March" in Minsk. The editor’s office of the charter97.org is forced to work from Warsaw due to the repressions in Belarus.

The day before, the journalists of the independent media were detained all over the country.