19 June 2018, Tuesday, 3:54

Svetlahorsk Entrepreneurs: Only Solidarity Will Lead Protests To Logical Victory


Self-employed entrepreneurs began raising funds for protesters and urged colleagues across the country to join the initiative.

Svetlahorsk entrepreneurs had a meeting on February 19 and decided to start raising funds for the participants of the "March of Non-Parasites". Svetlahorsk entrepreneurs urged their colleagues from other regions to support the initiative.

"Entrepreneurs understand, like no one else, the viciousness of the directive practice of adopting normative acts, which they have been suffering from for more than 20 years. Entrepreneurs also perfectly understand that only solidarity can bring the protests to their logical conclusion," – Belarusian businessman Anatol Zmitrovich said. "We also understand that the government does not back out from its "divide and rule" principle. But in this case, it seems to me, the authorities will not do anything: too many citizens have suffered from the actions of the current government."

The entrepreneurs of Svetlahorsk are convinced: the authorities have been given two months to correct the situation, but they are not going to change anything. Therefore, mass protests of Belarusians are unavoidable.