25 June 2018, Monday, 7:13

Spongers in Offices Pushed the Country over the Edge


Angry Luninets residents took to a spontaneous rally.

"The country went bankrupt." I don't know where we're going. Every year there are more and more competitions. Other countries refuse to hold them, but we do. We don't need circus, we miss bread. I surf the Internet: Kolya Lukashenka - "Golden Puck" Best Player. Of course, he is. He has a personal coach, his father will buy him equipment. I have a grandson and I can't buy him even ice skates. I am resented with this tax on "parasitism". All enterprises are closed down in Luninets. Our main enterprise used to have 2200 employees, now only 400. How could taxes be so high? Young people go to Russia. Children do not see their fathers. People work hard in Russia and then they are spongers. Is he a sponger? He works and feeds his children. I believe that the main spongers are in the government. What do they do? Nothing works here. Ukraine has a war, but our pensioners go there to buy food. It is not clear what our government does. All day Lukashenka says that the life will be better. I'm 62 years old and I can't wait. I'm a former athlete who is hurt by these "Christmas tournaments", "the best hockey player", Luninets resident tells.

About 20 people came to the main square to tell about their problems on March 18.