24 May 2018, Thursday, 3:33

Krychau Authorities Got Scared Of Revolution In Single District


The chairmen of village councils travel around the villages and beg the citizens not to dismiss the district executive committee head.

The Krychau district village councils chairmen travel around the villages and insistently "convince" those who have signed the appeals with the demand of the resignation of Krychau district executive committee chairman Vasil Sysoyeu and the demand to abolish Decree No. 3 "On parasites", to revoke their signatures, the site 6tv.by informs.

According to Yury Shuvalau, a Krychau member of the REP independent trade union, the village officials persuade citizens to write statements about revoking their signatures from these appeals, and hint that in case of refusal, they may have unpleasant consequences. The people in the village are more intimidated and some of the signatories yield to the authorities' persuasion.

"They ask to revoke the signatures both from the appeal with the demand of Vasil Sysoyeu’s resignation, and from the previous collective appeal with the demand to abolish the decree" On Parasites". A lot of people have signed both of these appeals," – Yury Shuvalau says.

According to Krychau activists, Krasnabudsk village council chairman Halina Herashchanka is especially persistent in "convincing" the villagers to revoke their signatures from the appeals.

Mahiliou human rights activist Barys Bukhel said in a commentary to Mahiliouski Regiyon that the officials from the Krychau District Executive Committee and local village executive committees, in accordance with the law, have the right to verify the authenticity of signatures under citizens' appeals. At the same time, when carrying out such inspections, pressure is often put on the signatories, the authorities try to intimidate them. Barys Bukhel called on citizens not to yield to the pressure of local authorities’ representatives, and immediately report such cases to human rights defenders, if possible, recording the actions of officials on video and audio carriers.