21 May 2018, Monday, 0:11

Makei: Russia, Belarus Stand Strongly Against Deployment Of NATO Contingents In Baltic States, Poland


Official Minsk, following the Kremlin, opposed the deployment of NATO contingents in the Baltic States and Poland.

"The deployment of new military contingents will not contribute to stability and security in this region, so we stand strongly against the deployment of NATO troops in the Baltic States and Poland, which obliges the other side to take measures and contribute to the arms race, as in the Cold War," - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Uladzimir Makei said in an interview with the Spanish media "El País", Interfax reports.

The Minister also commented on the possibility of placing a Russian military base at the territory of Belarus.

"The new foreign military base in Belarus does not make sense, because modern weapons allow Russia to react equally quickly from its own territory," - the minister stressed.