22 February 2019, Friday, 18:29
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Troops Of Veyshnoria To Help Novgorod Republic, Tver Duchy


Zaporozhean Cossacks and Texas rangers will assist them in this.

Coordinator of the “European Belarus” civil campaign Dzmitry Bandarenka said this to the Charter97.org, while commenting on the West-2017 map, where the North-East of Belarus had been desigтated as a separate state, hostile to Putin and Lukashenka.

— The Belarusians replied with a storm of memes and comments in the web, and even created the MIA of Veyshnoria. Why did the people react this way?

— I want to say that this reaction was quite predictable. It became the best indicator of the real moods in the country, where no honest sociological researches are conducted. And the reaction of the Belarusians is quite understandable, because the absolute majority of the Belarusian citizens hates the kolkhoz dictator Lukashenka and is strongly opposed to the presence of the Russian invaders in Belarus.

Thus, the people express their attitude towards joint Moscow-Shklou maneuvers. It can be seen that the majority feels strongly negative. And it is clear that Veyshnoria is a symbol of a real, European, democratic Belarus, in which Belarusian citizens want to live.

— How would you explain the position of the General Staff, which “cut off” a part of the Belarusian territory, having turned it into a conditionally hostile state?

— All the top-ranked military officials graduated academies in Moscow. As Kasya Kamotskaya once sang — "they have Moscow in their heads." For such people as Chief of the General Staff Aleh Belakoneu, independent Belarus is a bone in the throat, and they are probably genuinely surprised by such a reaction of the Belarusians. For them, a Belarusian is "a Russian with a quality mark". In fact, Belarusians are Europeans who want to live in their independent country.

Let me remind you that the exercises are called West-2017, and their goal is precisely the struggle against the West, against Europe and everything that is connected with Europe. Therefore, the Chief of the General Staff in this situation is exactly in his place: he and the generals defend the kolkhoz values and the joint corruption of the dictators Putin and Lukashenka. I see nothing surprising in their exercises map.

— Some Internet users fear that the hype about Veyshnoria allegedly could steer up the “Western-Belarusian separatism”. Is there any such threat?

— It was General Belakoneu who saw “separatism” in this. Because, it’s exactly the General Staff which is trying to separate the Belarusians in two parts. As Veyshnoria is mostly supported in the Protestant-Orthodox Minsk. In the nearest future, the armed forces of Veyshnoria will back the eastern cities of the counrty, which will rebel against the occupants. Zaporozhean Cossacks and Texas rangers will assist them in this, as well as the marines of the Republic of California, and the military navy of Zhamoits.

A global fight for freedom is going on. The troops of Veyshnoria will also come to help the Tver Duchy and the Novgorod Republic.

— Is it possible to say that we are witnessing the birth of a new idea that will unite the Belarusians and help them build a European, democratic country?

— I assess this situation a bit differently. Belarus is a normal eastern and central European country, just like Hungary, Chechoslovakia and Poland were in the 80s. The absolute majority of the Belarusian citizens, like the citizens of these countries at the time, want to live in Europe, they want a decent life and do not want to live under a dictatorship in some communist collective farm.

And General Belakoneu, by acting like a bull in the china shop, just helped this desire to burst out, express itself.

I think that Moscow is experiencing the biggest shock from Veysnoria today because they also live in some imaginary world: they say, there are some "white Russians" who see it in their dreams to become a part of Muscovy.

But it’s not true. Belarus is a normal European country and most citizens want and will live in Europe. What happened is just a diagnosis of the falling Belarusian dictatorship.

Let Belakoneu, Putin and Lukashenka face the truth. No bayonets can save this monstrous, inefficient formation called "Lukashenka's dictatorship".

Europeans live in Belarus. And we were, are and we will be Europeans.