16 July 2018, Monday, 23:22

‘Stout-Hearted Belarusian Patriots Continue Struggle’


Belarusian women are capable not only of participating in street actions, but also of organizing protests.

Coordinator of the forum "Freedom to Political Prisoners", Co-Chairman of the steering committee for creating of the "Belarusian Christian Democracy" party Pavel Seviarynets said this to Radio Racyja.

"The authorities are afraid that not only during the Warning Action on September 8, but also during the West-2017 exercises, Belarusians are able not only to participate, but also to organize protest actions. And repression is a demonstration what will happen to everyone who defends Belarus and pro-Belarusianity. But these courageous women do not give up, despite the fact that the authorities distrained the property of Nina Bahinskaya and Volha Nikalaichyk in payment of giant fines, they arranged a vile provocation — like hanging a wahehouse lock on the doors of Volha’s one-storeyed wooden house at night! Hreta Sabaleuskaya was released from the police department on the day of the Warning Action thanks to the witnesses who had posted the information on Facebook. Volha Nikalaichyk was preventively detained and sentenced to 10 days of arrest for the July 3 rally," — the politician said.

Important to note, after the Warning Action the detention of 69-year-old Nina Bahinskaya was reported. She had been robbed of her own 9-meter white-red-white flag. It also became known about the post-rally detention of activist Hreta Sabaleuskaya. She was holding the aforementioned giant flag during the action.