22 June 2018, Friday, 19:42

Utility Bills To Rise Sevenfold?


That's what you'll have to pay if the heating costs are paid by the population in full amount.

It is planned that Belarusians will pay a utility fee of 100%, except for heating, from January 1, 2018. If the inhabitants of a city, for example, Slutsk, paid for heating in full, they would pay 7 times more than now, kurjer.info informs.

The heating is the most expensive item in the utility bills. In Slutsk housing and communal services the actual cost of thermal energy of own production has made 102,297 rubles for 7 months of current year, while the tariff for the population was 15.6722 rubles in July.

Starting from September 1, the fee paid by the population will be indexed by 8% and the tariff will amount to 16.9259 rubles per 1 Gcal.

We remind that the utility bill will rise twice this year. Experts believe that the non-transparent system of payment for utility services created in Belarus will allow the authorities to endlessly raise the utility bills.