26 January 2020, Sunday, 4:43
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"Deputies" Proposed To Create Reservations For "Parasites"

"Deputies" Proposed To Create Reservations For "Parasites"

The updated Decree No. 3 was discussed in the "house of representatives".

"Deputy" Hanna Kanapatskaya has posted the transcript of the "deputy" meeting in the "house of representatives", at which Decree No. 3 on "parasites" was discussed, on her Facebook page.

The transcript makes it clear that the "deputies" support the decree and are ready to offer even such measures as, for example, the creation of reservations for "parasites".

Valiantsina Liaonenka:

– I want to support the very idea of this decree, because in all civilized countries the main and first duty of the citizens is payment of taxes... Payment of taxes, if you work, it's a duty of the citizen, and not – I pay, if I want to and, if I do not want to, I don’t pay. The law is to exist. Every citizen is obliged to pay taxes. If you do not pay taxes, you are left outside of society. You are not administered medical help, no one cares about you. Therefore, in some countries, an insurance policy has been taken as the criterion. We do not have this criterion, which can be applied to any citizen... Therefore, here, I think, it is necessary to strengthen the tax legislation. So that we could have no reservations about this case.

Dzmitry Kharytonchyk:

– According to paragraph 7 of the decree, it does not apply to citizens whose freedom is restricted in accordance with criminal and administrative law. That is, they do not work in connection with the committed criminal violations. And at the same time, there are no requirements for them to finance state spending. It is clear that these individuals have a special legal status. But, from the point of view of this decree, why they are better than individuals who, for various reasons, have worked less than 183 days. Isn’t this approach unfair?

Mikalai Kaltunou:

– Those people who do not want to work today, will have no difficulty to pay 20 basic units in the future. Wouldn't it be more sensible to make the same prices for them as in private clinics, hospitals, and let them go, be administered, take their children to kindergartens and all the rest.

Viktar Huminski, presiding over the meeting:

– I will tell you, dear colleagues, that the issue of adopting such a law has been raised in this room repeatedly, at every convocation. However, basically, it was about the dependency. And there was one deputy (I will not mention his last name), he introduced the proposal: to create reservations for those who cheat, do not want to work, but live, or do not want to work at all.