19 November 2018, Monday, 9:10
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Head Of Agricultural Enterprise Shoots Dogs Personally


A young CEO arranged “wild hunting” in broad daylight.

The man shot dogs at the territory of the farm at one of the agricultural enterprises, it was reported in the news program “24 Hours” on the STV TV-channel.

Eye-witnesses claim that the man with a gun appeared to be the head of this enterprise. Two dogs were severely wounded. The police are conducting a check upon the fact of animal abuse. A criminal case can possibly be started.


A 6-month old mongrel Luceria is a peaceful and uncomplaining dog, she endures unpleasant veterinary manipulations stoically. Even the serious ones: surgeons had to remove the eye apple, as a bullet got into it.


Ryhor Shnur, a veterinarian:

— The patient is stable. We will correct the therapy course a little, and prescribe additional antibiotics.

Now, Luceria, or Lusha as they call her here, is with the volunteers. They pay for the treatment and are looking for a new owner.


Tatsiana Uhalkova, deputy chairman of the Mahiliou Society for the Protection of Animals:

— This is a clever dog, she suffers silently, understands everything. Her life wasn’t good, apparently.

Luceria lived at this dairy complex with her sisters Belka and Strelka.


The employees loved the dogs and fed them, until the man with the gun came unawares. Then he moved to another farm and started the shooting there.

Alesia Klimautsova, stockbreeder of OJSC “Agrokombinat Voskhod”:

— I was at my working place, together with my dog. He was always with me, no one ever hurt him, let alone shot him. And then he asked: whose dog is that? I said, it’s my dog, please, do not shoot. He took out the gun and fired anyway.


The dog named Mulik doesn’t accompany his master to work any longer. He cannot eat or drink. He doesn’t have much chance to survive.

Yury Prakapenka, STV:

— The bullet got into the dog’s neck. The breathing tube is damaged. Veterinarians do not dare to conduct a surgery. They are afraid that the 12-year-old dog would not survive anaesthesia.


The shooting of dogs happened at broad daylight. Almost all employees of the farm unvoluntarily witnessed the massacre. However, no one could stop it.


Liudmila Barysenka, assistant of a foreman at OJSC “Agrokombinat Voskhod”:

— I saw it. Our CEO shot. He was with a gun. He shot the dogs.


Mikita Dalhou, livestock expert at OJSC “Agrokombinat Voskhod”:

— My personal opinion is that, whoever you may be — a boss, a milkmaid, a veterinarian, no one gives you the right to come to a public place with weapons and shoot.

Viktar Rabtsau is a young CEO of a large agro-industrial complex. So far, he is in the status of acting director. He refuses from public comments, but in a personal conversation he does not deny that it was him who shot the dogs. He says that the dogs barked, and they did not belong to the dairy complex. The law-enforcement agencies have started a check.

Artiom Mishenin, deputy chief of Mahiliou police department:


— The person has been identified and questioned. The weapons with which the animals were shot is seized and is kept in the Mahiliou police department.


The air rifle is now under examination. Based on its results, it will be decided how to qualify the actions of the shooter. There are two options: an administrative offense or a criminal article “Animal abuse”.