21 January 2019, Monday, 5:28
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Mahiliou Resident Claims Authorities ‘Siphon Off’ Money During Construction Of Belarusian-Russian University Corpus

Aliaksei Paulouski

Dozens of thousand dollars faded away.

Activist of the independent REP trade union Aliaksei Paulouski complained to the Belarusian Prosecutor General's Office against the local authorities. Paulouski accused the state authorities of embezzlement, wrecking or subversive activity and sabotage in the construction of the Belarusian-Russian University corpus, the Mahiliou Viasna reports.

The construction of the educational and laboratory complex began in 1991. However, there was allegedly not enough money for the construction, and even for the conservation of the facility. The officials keep saying this.

Aliaksei claims that there was money. Plenty of money. But it remains unknown where it went.

— I have been struggling for many years for the construction to be completed. When I applied to the Mahiliou Regional Executive Committee in the spring of 2016, Deputy Chairman Valer Malashka replied that thanks to the state investment program, 600 million undenominated rubles were allocated for the conservation of the facility,Paulouski says, showing copies of the replies. — But when I addressed to the rector of the BRU, he assured that no money was allocated for conservation. He replied this in December 2017. But it is absolutely certain that there were finances. Where did they go?

Aliaksei Paulouski became absolutely confident that he was right when he saw the object:

— I saw that they dismantled the basement rooms, the so-called zero cycle. I know, because I myself worked a lot in the construction industry. The place where there should have been a swimming pool and a playground is being dismantled. I managed to get a local estimate of the dismantling work. It says that the cost of dismantling is 21 896 rubles. About 10 thousand dollars. That is, first the object was built, and then, instead of conservation, they decided to disassemble it. This also required money and, most importantly, the money was found.

Paulouski honestly says that he feels sorry for the university, which will soon collapse if things go on like this:

— Where are the 600 million rubles, almost 30 thousand dollars, allocated for the conservation? Why it was suddenly decided to demolish a building that they did not even manage to finish? At the same time, according to the response of the rector of the BRU Ihar Sazonau, the adjustment of the project totaled Bn 236,867. This is huge money, and the corpus is in a deteriorating state.

He is confident in his rightness and hopes that the Prosecutor General's Office will not let things go by the wayside.