22 February 2019, Friday, 2:07
Appeal of the BPR Rada

"Let Them Raise Salaries – In Keeping With Rise In Petrol Prices"


Belarusians are outraged by Belneftekhim’s statement on increasing the petrol prices by 23%.

The Brest Newspaper asked Brest residents how they could be affected by the increase in petrol prices, the necessity of which has recently been announced by Belneftekhim.

Viachaslau, a mechanical engineer:

– I think that the authorities will raise fuel prices. In general, it's bad that the price increase is to happen: I drive every day. It is impossible not to drive. And I'll do it as long as I can. There's no choice.

Aleh, works in the field of communications:

– Well, they won’t raise it by 23%, but will be increasing it by a couple of percent. Where else can they get money? They all go without food or money there. It does not depend on the oil industry, there is the excise duty on oil products there. The rise in petrol price will obviously affect me: I drive, I will have to pay more. Let them raise salaries then – the growth of wages in keeping with the petrol price rise, that's all – questions will disappear.

Liliya, a teacher:

– Obviously, the prices will rise, but not so fast. It is necessary to do it in accordance with the incomes of the population, they should take into account how much people earn, and then raise the prices. I have a car. I use public transport, I drive only if I travel far.

Dzmitry, works in the energy sector:

– They will not raise prices straight away – in half a year, a year. Each month by 2% – and that's enough. I do not have a car. My interests are not affected, but my wife’s ones – yes. She dreams of a car all the time. But, if there’s enough money, we will buy a car and pay for petrol.

Ihar, a military pensioner:

– We can expect everything from our authorities, so this is quite realistic. My interests will be affected by the price increase. However, this will not force me to limit the use of the car, because I have to use it – I have to go to work.

Natallia, works in tourism:

– I hope that after all they will have compassion upon us and, if they raise it, they will do it gradually. My personal interests are not affected, because I do not have a car, but I think that it will affect everyone, because the cost of travel in public transport will go up.

Valiantsina, a teacher:

– The authorities will not do this. It is too much. They can’t increase the prices to such an extent. We have a car, and it will be more expensive to use it, when the prices are raised. Though, it not me, who use the car, but my husband, it still will affect the family budget. I travel by public transport in the city, but tickets will also rise in price. We hope that it won’t be so fast, as 23% is too much.