20 February 2019, Wednesday, 23:41
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Villagers Went On Strike Near Homel


Milkmaids and machine operators of the OJSC Nekrashynski have walked out today.

On October 9, milkmaids and machine operators of the OJSC Nekrashynski, residents of the village of Valasovichy, Kastrychnitski District, Homel Region, walked out.

“The district authorities dismissed our director; nobody asked us, they did not explain the reasons. We are against,” – one of the milkmaids, Valiantsina, explained to Radio Svaboda.

The Open Joint-Stock Company Nekrashynski has been headed by Vasil Lakhanski for 19 years. The milkmaids and machine operators praise him.

“There is no better leader than he. He was doing his best for us. People from other villages come to work to our farm. We will defend our director with might and main, we refuse to work until he is returned,” – Valiantsina says.

The chairman of the Kastrychnitski District Trade Union Association, Siarhei Zarychny, arrived to the villager.

“He is persuading us to go to work. But the reasons for the director’s dismissal have not been explained to us. The man has worked here for so many years – and to trample him down in such a way,” – the milkmaid is outraged.

According to her, now representatives of the Kastrychnitski District Executive Committee and the police have arrived in Valasovichy, but they do not approach to the people.

“They are hiding behind a bath-house. They are sitting in their cars. Instead of going out and talking to us, explaining the situation,” – Valiantsina adds.

The officials of the Kastrychnitski District Executive Committee told the journalists that they were aware of the situation and were “sorting it out,” but also did not give the reasons for the director’s dismissal.