24 March 2019, Sunday, 8:57
A Challenge for Everyone

“They Taught Us To Fight”: Solidarity Campaign Held In Baranavichy


Activist told about protests in Brest and Svetlahorsk in the town center.

On December 9, the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Baranavichy human rights activists Siarhei Housha, Aliaksandr Vaitseshyk and activist Ryhor Hryk distributed special issues of the Narodnaya Volia newspaper in the central market and other places of the town with articles on the current struggle of Brest r and Svetlahorsk residents for the right to live in a clean space, and not to suffocate from chemical and lead emissions into the air, spring96.org reports.

“They taught us all to fight, and not to be silent when our rights and the basic right, the right to a better life, are violated” – Siarhei Housha said.

During the day, 750 copies of the newspaper were distributed, and passersby were rather actively taking the newspapers, were interested in the content, expressing their gratitude to human rights activists.