15 December 2018, Saturday, 10:56
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Signatures Against Construction Of Battery Plant Near Brest Submitted To Lukashenka Administration


The activists collected almost 37 thousand signatures.

"Today, the signatures collected against the construction of the battery plant were submitted to the Lukashenka administration in Minsk. A total of 36 809 signatures were collected. The administration was given copies of subscription lists and a 14-page appeal," - Raman Kisliak, a lawyer and human rights activist, told Brestskaya Gazeta» on February 22.

He said that in order to file the documents, one of the activists of the large-scale civil campaign went to Minsk.

The collection of signatures against the construction of the I-Power battery plant in the Free Economic Zone "Brest" started in January. According to the activists on January 20, 13 thousand signatures were collected. On January 21 this figure overcame the 15-thousand mark.

On January 23, the website www.stopzavod.by was launched, which contains various information on the launched campaign, including a subscription sheet of the collective appeal against the construction of the plant.

Thus, more than 21 thousand signatures were collected from January 21 to February 21.