24 July 2019, Wednesday, 4:33
We are in the same boat

‘It’s Beyond Orwell’s Dreams’: Not Only ‘Parasites’ Should Worry


The main function of the Decree #1 is collection of information about Belarusians.

On May 17, the "chamber" adopted a new decree on "parasitism". Minister of Labor Iryna Kastsevich said that the "parasitic" commissions, aimed at collecting information about the unemployed, will start working on December 1. A pilot version of the database of able-bodied citizens who are not employed in the economy will be prepared by September 1. The commission will be able to request from state bodies and other organizations of any form of ownership any information on citizens of Belarus.

How to respond to the authorities’ attempts to interfere in the privacy of Belarusians?

Сharter97.org asked coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign Andrei Sharenda about this:

"The whole system of data collection reminds of the famous novel by George Orwell "1984". Not only are surveillance cameras following us, now special bodies will follow us.

As I understand it, the function of creating a "parasitic" base will be assigned to the police, the city executive committees, the communal services. It will be a real conveyor for collecting information. The same situation occurs in China, where the authorities created a system of total control over the citizens of the country. The only difference is that this is not in Asia, but in the center of Europe.

The main function of the decree is to collect information about Belarusians. Not only the "parasites" should worry. The authorities want information about those who work abroad, owns real estate, receives income that is not taxed. I think that all bank accounts and real estate will be inspected. This is just the beginning.

- You took an active part in the struggle against the first version of the Decree on "parasites". What methods of struggle can you offer Belarusians?

- Belarusians must boycott the actions of all these commissions at the initial stage. The very essence of the decree is aimed at humiliating human dignity. It is necessary to fight now.

Let's understand, on what grounds they put peopke on the lists, collect personal information. This is contrary to the main articles of the Constitution.

As soon as such precedents appear, we need to start a fight. One of the methods of struggle is disobedience. On what grounds should you have a bigger bill for water than your neighbors? Only for the reason that you do not work?

Injustice can not be tolerated.

The second method is street protests. Thanks to them, the first version of the decree ceased to work. Last year's situation can easily recur and the authorities will have to abolish the shameful law.