26 March 2019, Tuesday, 20:11
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Liya Akhedzhakova About Kurapaty: It’s Disgraceful To Put A Restaurant On Place Of Mass Shootings


The famous Russian actress supported the defenders of the memorial.

The People’s Actress of Russia Liya Alhedzhakova (“Office Romance”,“Moscow does dot Believe in Tears”, “The Garage” etc.) has told Radio Liberty that she knows about Kurapaty as a place of mass executions, and took the news about opening a restaurant there very emotionally.

“God, are they insane? Who are those people? Maybe they would even open a toilet in a place like this! There’s no cross on them! Not because they are not religious, but because this is gross. They care only about investing money, about the development of the business. However, shouldn’t there be any conscience?

It should be kept in mind that there are people of extreme action, and they will burn them down, for sure! There will surely be someone who will not try to soft-talk, or speak about conscience, but simply burn the place down.

However, I would appeal to their conscience. It’s a disgrace to put a restaurant, a toilet, a laundry, a sauna – at the place where innocent people were shot dead!” - the actress said.