17 July 2019, Wednesday, 16:35
We are in the same boat

Pinsker Brings Food To Kurapaty Defenders, Becomes ‘Hero Of The Day’ In His Hometown


Local authorities were frightened of the act of Ruslan Huseynau.

In June, Pinsker Ruslan Huseynau arrived on business in Minsk. In the evening he decided to drop in to Kurapaty and bring some food to the journalist he knew, who covered the events near the restaurant "Let's Go Eat", Media Palessie informs.

In those days, activists organized information campaigns for visitors to this catering establishment and explained that literally a few meters away there are mass graves of many thousands of innocently murdered people.

Ruslan talked with the Kurapaty defenders, made several live streams for his FB channel and witnessed how the car of one of the visitors nearly hit a man. The Pinsker started videoing with his smartphone camera, the car driver did not like this, and he knocked out the gadget from Ruslan's hands, the smartphone fell on the asphalt and crashed.

The police were called to the scene, and Ruslan Huseynau wrote a statement about the damage to property.

Officers of the Barauliany district police department conducted a check over the statement of the Pinsker and did not start an administrative case as they found the driver's actions not a malicious intent to damage his property.

However, Ruslan's adventures did not end with this, and he received a subpoena to appear in one of the Minsk courts as a person undergoing administrative proceedings under Art. 23.34 of the Administrative Code "Violation of the order of organizing or holding mass events".

The text of the protocol on the administrative offense was as follows: Ruslan Huseynau "took an active part in picketing, within a group of people, without the appropriate permission of the Minsk district executive committee, with a view to publicly expressing the attitude towards the functioning of the restaurant "Let's Go Eat ", during which demonstratively stood at the gate of the restaurant at the background of a white-red-white flag. "

For various reasons, the administrative case was transferred to the court of the city of Pinsk and the Pinsk district.

A three-day long trial

On August 13, the consideration of the administrative case against Ruslan Huseynau began. Ruslan claimed that he just went to the entertainment complex and did not participate in any pickets, he filed many petitions, almost all of them were satisfied by the court.

The judge clarified the reasons and circumstances of the Pinsker's being at the "Let's Go Eat" complex, watched the video provided by the law-enforcers (the videoing is conducted with the activity cameras near the restaurant), and the video materials provided by Ruslan. Then a break was announced until the next day.

The next day the judge accepted Ruslan Huseynau's petition for summoning four witnesses (restaurant workers and activists present that day next to him). For this procedure, a break was announced until August 16.

On August 16, it turned out that none of the witnesses appeared in court. As a result, the judge decided that the Pinsker took part in picketing the restaurant and appointed him a penalty in the form of a fine of 10 base fees.

At the end of the trial, Ruslan Huseynau stated that he would appeal the decision of the Pinsk court.