25 April 2019, Thursday, 21:50
For our and your freedom!

Basta: Independent Church Is Possible Only In Free Country

Autocephalous Belarusian Orthodox Church will be created only after the change of power.

Surveys on the granting of independence to the Belarusian Orthodox Church were conducted not only on Minsk public pages on social networks, the Basta telegram channel writes.

After January 7, residents of other regional centers have been asked this question as well. Most subscribers are in favor of autocephaly. Many priests also support the creation of an independent BOC — information about this has repeatedly appeared in the media. But autocephaly is not possible under an occupation regime.

Lukashenka will never go for it, nor will he make a single real step to reduce dependence on Moscow. An independent church is only possible in a free country. It will be created only after the change of power in the country.