19 April 2019, Friday, 0:38
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Belaruskali Miners: Shame On Officials

At least 150 miners appealed to the head of Lukashenka’s administration.

The Chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Belaruskali sent a letter to the head of Lukashenka’s administration.

Siarhei Charkasau asks Natallia Kachanava to assist in solving two pressing problems.

First, to help the Trest Remmantazhstroi employees in registering the primary trade union organization. The leader notes that within seven months last year, the local authorities twice refused state registration “on formal grounds without explaining the reasons,” – the NPG website reports.

The documents have been submitted to the Salihorsk district executive committee once again. The deadline for making a decision on registration ends on January 17.

Also, Charkasau asks on behalf of the trade union members to return the NPG memorial bench, presented to the 60th anniversary of Salihorsk, to its former place.

“Another action of the officials of the Salihorsk district executive committee, which can only be described as shame, is the dismantling of the bench, which was presented to the city for the anniversary by the trade union,” – the letter says.

It is reported that in 2018, by the decision of trade union activists, a memorial bench was made and installed (after agreement with the department of architecture and construction of the executive committee). A few days later, the utilities dismantled it in the city Park of the Four Elements without any notification. Further actions of representatives of the trade union and city residents – a meeting with the chairman of the district executive committee, written and electronic appeals, hot lines – did not resolve the conflict.

A resolution adopted by 150 delegates of the December Conference of the Independent Trade Union of Miners is attached to the letter to Kachanava.