8 December 2023, Friday, 12:30
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Stsiapan Sviatlou's Sensational Film About Lukashenka

Stsiapan Sviatlou's Sensational Film About Lukashenka

The beginning and the end of the Belarusian dictator.

The whole Belarus glued their eyes to the screens of smartphones and computers. On October 25th, a 60-minute film "Lukashenka. Criminal materials" appeared on the NEXTA YouTube channel.

The author, Stsiapan Sviatlou (NEXTA), writes in the annotation to the film:

"The criminal materials, which have been waiting for Lukashenka for a quarter of a century and will definitely get him - all this in the new documentary film. The curves of the secret paths that brought the little-known chairman of the collective farm to power. Meet 60 minutes of truth, about which many of you have not yet known".

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