19 May 2019, Sunday, 16:47
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Stoubtsy Echo: Admission Regime Introduced At Schools In Luninets Dsitrict


Parents will be able to enter a school building only after showing their passports.

The admission regime was introduced at the schools of the Luninets district: now the parents of the students, in order to bring or pick up the child, will have to present a passport at the entrance to the educational institution, writes the website Media Polessiye.

Without an identity document, outsiders cannot enter the school.

As commented by head of the education department of the Luninets district executive committee Aliaksandr Baukunovich, parents, like other third parties, will be able to enter a school building, but at the entrance it is necessary to present a passport and register in the visitors' journal.

Earlioer, strangers had to register before visiting the school, now they decided to strengthen security measures.

After the tragic events in Stoubtsy, the Ministry of Education announced an increase in security measures at schools.