19 May 2019, Sunday, 20:45
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IC Head On Attack In Staubtsy: Incident Picture Is Clear To Us


Naskevich said that information from the teenager’s phone can shed light on the motivation of his actions.

Ivan Naskevich, the Chairman of the Belarusian Investigative Committee, announced it to journalists, BelTA informs.

“A large amount of investigative actions have already been carried out within this criminal case. The incident picture is practically clear to us. At the moment, the main task of the investigators is not to find out how it happened (this is already clear), but why it happened. To a certain extent, we already have some answers from the suspect himself. After three days of silence, he began to give testimony. Although we are still very critical of what he says, since his testimony does not always correspond with the objective picture of the incident,” – Ivan Naskevich said.

He noted that the investigation had obtained other information that could shed light on the motivation of the actions of the detained teenager. “Our scientific and technical means allowed us to get access to his mobile phone, the information from which he carefully deleted before taking this step.

In fact, he deleted all data from his mobile phone, as well as from his home computer. We now have this information. I cannot yet disclose what was in this phone for legal reasons. But this will shed some light on the motivation of his actions,” – the Investigative Committee chairman said.