26 September 2020, Saturday, 9:37
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Usurper Defiled Main Symbol Of Christianity

Usurper Defiled Main Symbol Of Christianity

Let’s defend the faith of our ancestors.

Under the order of the chieftain of the ruling regime, they are demolishing and breaking Christian crosses around the people’s memorial in Kurapaty.

This crime is being committed against not only the memory of dozens of thousands victims of Stalinist repression. The defiling of the main symbol of Christianity in the view of upcoming Easter is an attempt at the very faith of our nation.

We have endured a lot from the usurper by now. Illegal arrests, abductions, murders of his opponents. Praising Hitler, who destroyed one third of our people. Turning elections into a farce. Billions, stolen from the people, on foreign bank accounts. The feeble economic policy, which led to the empoverishment of millions of labor people. Extortions from the unemployed, and pollution of our land with harmful Chinese production enterprises.

Seeing no resistance, the usurper goes further. Now, during the Great Fast, he demonstratively spits on the faith of our people.

I am calling on those who do not want to tolerate any longer to gather at 12.00 on Sunday, April 7 near the Holy Spirit cathedral. Let’s pray together for the liberation of our country from the evil, and show that we are running out of patience.

Let’s defend the faith of our ancestors. Defend ourselves. Defend Belarus.

Glory Jesus Christ!

Long Live Belarus!

Mikalai Statkevich, Facebook