22 July 2019, Monday, 3:12
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Patriotic Bar "Kalinoŭski" Opened In Minsk


Its walls are decorated with quotations from the "Muzhytskaya Prauda" and portraits of the national hero of Belarus.

A new bar in patriotic style appeared on Zybitskaya Street in Minsk. The walls there are decorated with quotes from the "Muzhytskaya Prauda" and portraits of Kastus Kalinouski, and the cocktail menu shows the names of months in Belarusian, Belsat informs.

Minsk businessman Aliaksei Slauta has opened a bar in the place of a former burger cafe. The entire design inside is in the Belarusian language. There are vases with spikelets on the tables. The light in the room is dim, a little muted.

The menu is called "Cocktail Truth" - similar to "Muzhytskaya Prauda" - and offers author's cocktails with the names of months in the Belarusian language. One can also try infusions and soft drinks of their own production there.

Some Minsk citizens have already visited the bar and posted photos on social networks.


Kalinoŭski's design will definitely appeal to fans of beautiful photos in Instagram.