27 February 2020, Thursday, 2:59
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‘First Your Boss Forces You To Falsify, Then You Go To Jail For Falsification’

‘First Your Boss Forces You To Falsify, Then You Go To Jail For Falsification’

In Belarus, district police officers and traffic police inspectors are resigning en masse.

The former district police officer told Radio Svaboda why people are leaving the police so massively.

Mikhail, 33, Mahiliou.

He used to work as a juvenile inspector and a district police officer, now he is a security guard in the store. Here is his story:

We were told that in civil life there is no work.

I worked at different positions. When I was a district police officer, there was a shortage. There should be five district police officers, but there were only three. And so you should work overtime on a constant basis. The overload was incredible.

Because of the staff shortage, they began to enlarge the area for district police officers. I was paid a penny for a new zone. Plus 30% salary. And twice as much work at the same time. Many district officers could not stand it and quit.

The load is mainly the paperwork. They urged us to write off as many materials as possible, and as soon as possible. That is, to finish investigations and close administrative cases. The more materials a district police department writes off, the bigger bonus the bosses will get.

And you work endlessly. Even if you have a day off, but on this day a meeting takes place, you are forced to come to work. And over the weekend you do not have time to just sleep.

Then they stopped paying for working overtime. Only 300 hours of overtime were paid. What’s above that, is voluntary-compulsory. You work after the working hours for free, as a volunteer. And nobody cares.

If someone started to resent, the boss said that the police was almost the best place to make a career. After all, there is no work in civil life. But people are still leaving. And massively. Especially this refers to district police officers and traffic cops. Many of the people I know quit the police.

First your forces you to falsify, and then you go to jail for falsification.

Mahiliou is famous for falsification of materials. The bosses force you to do falsification, and then it becomes a pretext for a criminal case. The cases are fabricated quite often. If the deadline is due, if they fail to fulfill the plan. You either fake a case or lose bonuses.

All this is due to our “stick system”. Everything is tied to “sticks” - the protocols. To get a bonus, traffic cops must make five protocols for a change - five sticks. The patrols need to find 2-3 drunkards in one shift. One is not enough, no bonus. If you didn’t hand over the “sticks” for the shift, then you are forced to write a report about what you did all day.

There is now a new payment system for the district police officers. For the quarter, they need to fulfill various indicators: preventive detention, labor and detox centers. If you don’t do it, your interest rate drops.

Thus, it turns out that everyone is interested in violations of the law. So that were not less of them, more. After all, the police have plans.

If there is no car, you get to the place of the accident hitchhiking

It is true that traffic cops can get to the scene of an accident on a ride. After all, there are not enough cars for everyone. I've driven my own. Of course, nobody will pay for your diesel fuel. However, you will not get anywhere on time otherwise. By bus, it will not be quickly enough. My friend used to work at the traffic police, he traveled to the scene of the accident on a ride. He would stop some car and asked for a ride. Since there was no service transport.

Let alone cars. We even bought paper at our own expense. Wands, vests. Only now they began to give gas cartridges to district police officers, and earlier we bought them ourselves.

In general, the security was poor. Due to the lack of people, we often went on call alone. Although in any shift there should be two people.

It is only said that there are many police. Of course, if you count the internal troops, personal security, internal affairs directorates, you can get a lot. But the same troops do nothing when there are no mass events or no need to guard Aleksandryja, when Lukashenka comes there. Most of them are sent to catch drunkos in the city and go on call with district police officers.

As for real traffic inspectors and district police officers, there is a shortage of them. I think this happens all over the country. After all, no one wants to work like they do.