18 July 2019, Thursday, 8:47
We are in the same boat

‘Basta’: I Immediately Recall Our Agroführer’s Remarks On Their Reichsführer

Lukashenka knows that there is no one to protect him.

I do not know what our pioneers are doing, I have never seen even the similarity of what their predecessors in the USSR did, writes the reader of the telegram channel “Basta” Andrus Voynich.

No help to veterans, no collection of waste paper in the apartments. Nothing that would be useful and interesting to a modern student.

However, I often saw pioneers marching on a school “parade ground”, dressed in military uniform and working out certain orders.

Despite the fact that I live in a police state with a strange military doctrine, these pictures from the past seem surprising.

What are our children prepared for? What are their mission? Why all this circus is needed if “we, Belarusians, are the people of peace”?

Is this such a new concept of military Lukashism?

Of course I do know that even in the neutral Switzerland there is a very strong army, but there I do not see children marching in military uniform.

Immediately I recall the Hitler Youth, the story of the Third Reich, our agroführer and his remarks about their Reichsführer.

Or does he already know that there is no one to protect him and that the military pioneers remain the last hope?

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