1 December 2020, Tuesday, 2:47
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Valer Karbalevich: Lukashenka Personally Supervises Sadistic Dispersal Of Peaceful Actions

Valer Karbalevich: Lukashenka Personally Supervises Sadistic Dispersal Of Peaceful Actions

And he will be held responsible for this.

At the meeting on October 27, Lukashenka stated that he was the one who gave the order to disperse the protesters on Arlouskaya Street in Minsk on October 25, political observer Valer Karbalevich writes in his Telegram channel.

In the news piece shown on Belarus-1 TV channel, Lukashenka noted the following:

“Do you think it’s normal when a drunken, drug-intoxicated, dumbfounded, smoked-through crowd, hundreds of people, stormed in this neighbourhood? What should the police have done? This was my order, to make people safe.”

In fact, it was a peaceful protest action, which is confirmed by everyone who observed this rally.

Actually, what Lukashenka said was no sensation. Everyone who has monitored the functioning of the Lukashenka “power vertical” for a while, knows that all important decisions are taken by only one person. And there has been nothing more important than the protests since August 9.

However, Lukashenka’s confession is very indicative. It demolishes the illusions that some Belarusians and foreign observers preserved. Like, all the atrocities of the law-enforcement agencies are excesses of the executors.

Now everything has been put in its proper place. Precise conclusions can be made that all the actions of the police are strictly controlled. It is Lukashenka personally who leads the dispersal of the principally peaceful protests. Special equipment is used also exclusively under his personal orders. And these sadistic actions of the law-enforcers on August 9-12 were not accidental, but planned beforehand. It was a part of the scenario of suppressing the will to resist.

Besides, Vladimir Putin, as he spoke on October 22 at the meeting of the annual discussion club “Valday”, mentioned the Belarusian events, and said:

“Yes, there was brutality, and that’s all, maybe it was even not grounded, then let everything who let it happen bear responsibility.”

Now we know who let, and ordered it to happen.