26 November 2020, Thursday, 13:15
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Long Live Belarus!

Long Live Belarus!

Today the whole world admires the courage of Belarusians who come out to protest rallies.

Famous Russian journalist and documentary film maker Pavel Selin has appealed to Belarusians on the eve of the March "Long Live Belarus!", which will be held in Minsk on Sunday, November 22:

"Every day when I watch the news feeds or see the videos of what is happening now in Minsk, I feel two very strong feelings. The first feeling is a feeling of some incredible pain and anger from what Lukashenka's chasteners are doing to common people. To the common people who come out to peaceful protest. I am sure that sooner or later each of these chasteners along with the Fuhrer will get what they deserve.

The second feeling I have is the feeling of incredible respect to the courage of the common Belarusians, who come out to peaceful protest in order to defend their opinion, their point of view, to get the truth and say: "Lukashenka, Leave!" These people, I do not know where they get this courage from, I do not know where they get so much courage and true grit. But I am sure that it is now that the Belarusian nation, which has been talked about for many, many years, is being born. Now the Belarusian Nation, in the biggest and highest sense of the word, is being born.

My dear friends, patience to you, fortitude, courage! You know, we are placing faith in you. You are our pride! We are looking at you. All decent people in Russia and all over the world are with you now. Dictatorship is not eternal. Long live Belarus!"