28 November 2023, Tuesday, 15:31
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Flag-Phoenix: New Tactic Drove Lukashists To Despair

Flag-Phoenix: New Tactic Drove Lukashists To Despair

Every day, General-Frost helps the Belarusian revolutionaries.

The frosty weather in Belarus has allowed the revolutionaries to use successfully a new tactic of partisan stunts, which literally make squirm the Cockroach's henchmen.

The national flags are now frozen in the ice surface of reservoirs. It is very difficult to remove such a flag, and if the ice is thin, it is also dangerous.

In addition, flags-phoenixes have appeared in Belarus: the national symbols, which were washed off the ice by communal workers, appear on it again.

For example, the flag on the ice in Minsk, which was washed away yesterday, has reappeared on the Svislach River this morning again.

One more "frozen" flag has appeared in another district of the city, the vybory_smotri. telegram-channel reports.

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