26 September 2020, Saturday, 11:51
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Throne Overturned

Throne Overturned

And the people...

Lukashenka cannot and does not solve the problems of the Belarusians. He has no desire or resources for it. As always in such a situation, the dictator tries to take mind off things and devote himself to his favorite toys, such as hockey. This is happening right now. Lukashenka is doing what he believes the head of a large European country should do, namely, checking the readiness of the next sports complex for the next games.

Again, we hear tales about super profits, millions of tourists and other goodies that are promised to us as a result of such a great event.

Once again, we are told that the whole country will live and breathe this event. Well, maybe not live. It's more about surviving it.

Again, they are going to flog us useless souvenirs with badges, flags and other crap, will fill all the kiosks and the post offices with them, and then they will wonder why people do not buy it all in kilotons.

And the people... He has been spitting at the people for a long time. At this time, people will think how to avoid another traffic jam, not to be late for work, to look for an opportunity to survive on the poor wages received at this job, to count whether he has enough money for medicines and food after the payment of all the voluntary fees and think how to escape from the next "voluntary Saturday work".

"Very worried about it, have taken it under my control. Almost every morning I'm told what has been done," - Lukashenka said. He's not worried about the salaries of workers at Zhodzina Svitanak, you see. Neither does he care about the killed factories and the ruined collective farms.

One can immediately see the priorities of a true potato ruler in the most difficult period for the country. And this is the first sign that the throne under him is no longer just staggering, the throne has been overturned. The falling from it is a matter of time.

Andrei Isakau, European Belarus press service