14 July 2020, Tuesday, 0:18
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Coronavirus Covers Minsk: New Hotspot Addresses

Coronavirus Covers Minsk: New Hotspot Addresses

The ambulances are hospitalizing residents of the capital.

New information about Covid-19 hotbeds in Minsk. Readers of the "Basta!" telegram channel report on visits of physicians to the following addresses to check the condition of those infected:

8 Aurorauskaya Street, 30 Asanaliyeu Street, 15 Kulman Street, 18 Luchyna Street, 45 Narodnaya Street, 105 Sialitski Street, 22 Siamionau Street, 2/4 Cherviakou Street, 52 Yakubau Street. 18 Karzhaneuski Lane.

For a complete map of Covid-19 hot spots, click here.

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