12 July 2020, Sunday, 20:17
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What Is Wrong About Belarus Health Ministry’s Statements

What Is Wrong About Belarus Health Ministry’s Statements

They have reached the plateau - and suddenly recommended to wear masks?

Announcements on mandatory wearing of masks appeared in Hrodna trolleybuses. According to Vecherniy Grodno, the mask regime was introduced in accordance with the protocol of the decision of the working group on the implementation of an interagency comprehensive plan to minimize the risk of COVID-19 spreading at the Hrodna Regional Executive Committee, Solidarity notes.

Moreover, according to the document, masks should be worn not only in transport, but in all public places of Hrodna.

“I understand that this should have been done earlier,” said director of the Hrodna trolleybus department Viktar Shareika.

It is noteworthy that the mask regime is being introduced in a number of other cities. For example, in Iuye. It is noted that the situation is “recommendatory in nature”, however, as tut.by reports, the town is trying to strictly adhere to this recommendation:

“Of course, they will nevertheless let people into the store without a mask, but the Iuye people prefer not to risk. They also say that the town is small and every case of the coronavirus infection is in sight. Although, of course, here too many rumors go from the lack of official information. Therefore, the locals to go shopping rarely, and wear masks (visually, most people in the town streets are masked) and wash their hands more often.”

And that’s strange. All this happens against the background of optimistic statements by the authorities that Belarus “has reached the plateau”. Already, the Ministry of Health and Belarusian television have been reporting on the “gradual balancing” of the situation.

And at this time in Vitsebsk, another hospital building is given for pneumonia cases, doctors cannot achieve being tested, and city residents are prescribed to wear masks.

It seems there is some conflicting information.