18 September 2020, Friday, 21:05
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General Strike Is Name Of Belarusian President Today

General Strike Is Name Of Belarusian President Today

Let's leave Drazdy residents and oppressors without money.

The decency of any politician and just an honest man is determined by one thing today - whether he is calling for the general national strike. Not just supporting inly or in the kitchen, but in effect calling or participating in it.

Voting in Belarus did not mean making a choice between a housewife and a former director of a state farm. The absolute majority of people voted for freedom and against the dictatorship. For democracy and against the collective farm-flatfoot system. For human dignity and against meanness.

Don't get depressed now and think that the regime has won. We have won. However, it will take some more time and great common efforts, solidarity, firmness and courage for us to win finally.

Our Ukrainian neighbours were standing on the Maidans for months in order to throw off the dictatorship and win freedom. And they won.

Millions of Belarusians, more than 80 per cent of the population, according to exit polls both at home and abroad, voted against the Shklou Agro-Fuhrer.

Hundreds of thousands of citizens have been taking to the streets and squares of Belarusian cities and towns to defend their choice. The whole world is watching our struggle today.

Thousands and thousands of young Belarusians clearly and powerfully stated that "we will be those in play henceforth".

And I am happy, because they are real heroes, not just some phoney, fake characters. One will never drive free people back to the stall again.

We should hold true to the principles of non-violent resistance. It's gonna be hard to win in a direct showdown with the rednecks in black uniform. But we can leave the Drazdy inhabitants and Karayeu's oppressors without people's money and means of living.

The great Polish Solidarity movement began with the General Strike. The great Czechoslovak Velvet Revolution won after the National Strike. And the great victory of the Belarusian people will only be possible if millions of Belarusians refuse to be slaves of the regime and keep Lukashenka's oppressors going.

The name of the real Belarusian president today is the General National Strike. As it turns out, there are a great number of worthy people who are able to manage the country and defend the interests of its citizens. It is possible to create more than one government out of those heroes who will be released from prison as a result of our victory.

Natallia Radzina, Charter97.org editor-in-chief