26 October 2020, Monday, 0:55
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We All Saw Tyrant's Fear at MWTP

We All Saw Tyrant's Fear at MWTP

The future is in our hands.

Hello. My name is Ihar Alinevich, former political prisoner of Lukashenka's regime, author of the book "On the Way to Magadan". In the book, I described the torture and mockery of prisoners in the KGB prison.

When I saw the first pictures of the tortured guys from Okrestina, watched that terrible footage from the ROVD, where people were dragged out like cattle and put on their knees with their hands tied behind their backs, I learned the methods, horribly familiar to me. Once, the hit squads beat me with batons; they beat my head against the concrete floor, tortured me with stretching, guided me through corridors with twisted arms, and humiliated me in every way. Even worse, they used sophisticated psychological torture and forced to listen to how others were tortured. Many years passed, but I feel as if everything happened just yesterday.

Now the Internet is filled with speculation that the outbreak of violence on the part of hit squads was allegedly spontaneous and even triggered by revenge in response to violence on the part of protesters. This is not true. For several years, while in prison, I have studied the methodology of repression. I claim that the bacchanalia of terror and atrocity the chasteners have initiated on the streets of our cities is a planned punitive action aimed at suppressing the entire society. I would like to emphasize that it regards the entire society. That is why there were so many passers-by among people who were tortured behind the prison walls. Random selection is the method of punitive authorities because fear only then is comprehensive and paralyzing when the selection criteria are not obvious when there is no safe behaviour pattern. This topic is discussed in detail in another article, with little known historical precedents as evidence.

Here I will only emphasize the conclusion: the punitive campaign was designed; there was an order to conduct it; the objective was to sow fear and paralyze the will of the people with a decisive and cruel blow.

The fascists miscalculated. Instead of kneeling, the Belarusian people found strength and got bearings. Of course, Lukashenka has a huge experience of retaining power for 26 years. And despite the ongoing mass protests and strikes, the tyrant is still in power. However, the jig is over. The regime, held exclusively on bayonets, is not strong or long-lasting. The power is already giving in! We all saw the fear of the tyrant at MWTP, we all saw his clowning with an automatic rifle.

Citizens, although his entourage will betray him - don't let yourself be fooled! No negotiations, no compromises, no staff reshuffles! Only the immediate and unconditional resignation of Lukashenka and the highest nomenclature. We need a trial of the August tormentors for war crimes.

If the old elites will strengthen their power again, there will be no investigation of the August crimes. They may condemn only several of the most odious perpetrators. The rest will declare their loyalty to new power and will continue to "serve the people".

I tell this as there already a line of negotiators there. They want to establish political parties. Is it serious? What legal methods can we talk about, what procedure of withdrawal of deputies and functioning of parties? The regime openly tortures and kills people to retain its power. This power is fascist, oppressive; state laws have even lost their formal legitimacy. Fascists don't deserve negotiations. They should face methods corresponding to their deeds.

The real power of the Belarusian revolution is decentralization and self-organization. Create horizontal network structures at your workplaces, in educational institutions and residential areas. Set up meetings in every yard, every workshop, every office, every educational institution, every hospital. Bring your trusted delegates to a more global level - urban, inter-district, regional; from the workshop to the enterprise; from enterprises to the industry as a whole. Keep delegates under control of your meetings, and any committees and strike committees under the control of your delegates. Not from top to bottom as it used to be, but from bottom to top!

When the whole country is covered by the system of people's assemblies, workers' syndicates, associations of volunteers, only then the Belarusian people will become a real political subject, able to determine the common future.

Without this foundation, the ruling nomenclature will regain aggressiveness and rush to power again. The experience of the post-communist countries shows that yesterday's suppressors of the people's will and executioners changed colours and got their positions and property back, naturally, under new banners and slogans.

The better and stronger we organize ourselves now on the principles of direct democracy, the sooner and more consistently we will build a true people's power and country for life.


The future is in our hands!

We are the people! Fascism will not pass!

We are stronger, and we will win!

Long Live Belarus!

Ihar Alinevich, telegra.ph