26 September 2020, Saturday, 21:59
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Employee of "Hrodna Azot": There Was Sabotage at the Enterprise

Employee of "Hrodna Azot": There Was Sabotage at the Enterprise

The residents of the city could see the emergency torch all evening and all night.

An employee of the "Hrodna Azot" enterprise told the Telegram channel "Basta!" about yesterday's shutdown of the Ammonia 3 workshop and its consequences.

- The workshop was able to start issuing products only today at noon. The shutdown was caused by an automatic blocking due to "accidental" triggering of the maximum level alarm in one of the tanks. This resulted in the shutdown of two compressors and a rather deep drawdown in the technological mode.

The release of ammonia was stopped at 5:30 pm on August 15, which led to the need to burn natural gas for 80 thousand dollars. The residents of Hrodna could see the torch all evening and all night. Workshops "Carbamide 2", "Carbamide 3", "Carbamide 4" were forced to unload. The state-owned enterprise lost much more money.

Apart from this, there are delayed consequences. State-owned enterprises were already toxic to foreign buyers after the elections, as they saw the rise of a strike movement in the country and at the "Hrodna Azot" OJSC in particular. Now investors understand that they may simply not receive their products for which the plant requires preparatory payment.

Without prepayment, "Hrodna Azot" is not even able to pay the space price for energy resources, which we have because of Lukashenka, who does not know how and does not want to work under market conditions, but concludes thoughtless long-term contracts with the Russian Federation.

To understand that the short-term shutdown of the Ammonia 3 workshop and the subsequent unloading of the urea workshops is not accidental, it is enough to know that at "Hrodna Azot" yesterday there was a pressure jump in the Ammonia 4 workshop and a heat exchanger leak in the Urea 4 workshop ...

People simply do not want to feed this regime and will continue their acts of sabotage.

It is important to emphasize that all these incidents did not pose any threat to residents of the city and employees of the enterprise.

Today, the management is in a panic; workers are not given the opportunity to leave the main territory (to visit the plant management and the clinic, for example) without the shop managers' permission, the guards do not release them at the checkpoints.