26 October 2020, Monday, 1:33
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Belarusian Women Took Part in the Brilliant March of Women's Solidarity (Online)

Belarusian Women Took Part in the Brilliant March of Women's Solidarity (Online)
PHOTO: nashaniva.by

Thousands of women walk from the Kamarouski market in Minsk towards Bahdanovicha Street.

Independent Telegram channels called on Belarusian women on Saturday, September 19, to take part in the Brilliant March of Women's Solidarity.

The March began at 15.00. Minsk: Kamarouka opposite Lido and all adjacent shopping centers. Other cities: central streets.

The Charter97.org website broadcasts the March online.

17:46 The women protesters near the "Iceberg" managed to hide from being detained in the PINK manicure studio. Through the windows, you can see that there are punishers outside.

17:27 According to the journalists' estimates, Karajeu's punishers detained at least 200 Belarusian women.

17:24 On Surhanava Street, opposite the place where the Women's March was dispersed, a chain of solidarity lined up. There are about 100 people with white-red-white flags.

17:19 The woman tore off the mask from the uniformed man who was detaining her.

17:14 In Minsk, a drone with a large white-red-white flag flew over the place of dispersal of the Women's March.

17:11 One of the girls detained near the "Iceberg" shopping center managed to escape.

17:02 It took two Karajeu's fascists to arrest 73-year-old Nina Bahinskaja.

16:56 One of the participants of the march in Minsk became ill.

16:55 The women made a "linkage" and sing "Kupalinka."

16:54 Even grandmothers went to the Women's March.

16:52 Near the shopping center "Iceberg," the punishers pressed the participants of the Brilliant March to the wall. They chant: "Women are beaten by cowards!"

16:50 Punishers dragged 73-year-old Nina Bahinskaja into a paddy wagon.

16:45 The number of women who entered the action is impressive.

16:41 The march was surrounded near the "Iceberg." The girls staged a sound attack on the punishers. They also chant, "What are you going to tell your mom?"

16:38 Karajeu's punishers tried to detain the bikers, but the girls were able to fight them off.

16:35 The Brilliant March passed the "Europe" shopping center; the column is moving towards the "Riga" supermarket.

16: 15 A column of bikers with white-red-white flags appeared in front of the Peoples' Friendship Park in Minsk. They were greeted by participants of the Women's March.

15: 59 Women hold with SOS posters; there are a lot of them.

15: 56 The Brilliant March participant believes that you need to go to the end and not give up. According to the girl, the women's movement has power and inspires people.

15:47 A column of women goes to the side of Kulmana street. They chant: "Lukashenka to the paddy wagon!"

15:39 Thousands of participants march from the Kamarouski market towards Bahdanovicha Street.

15:29 The March is great! Photo by Nadzeja Buzhan.

15:25 Thousands of women walk from the Kamarouski market in Minsk towards Bahdanovicha Street.

15:24 And this is what the March looks like in accelerated mode!

15:22 More than a thousand people are already taking part in the March.

15:21 The women lined up in a column and marched towards Bahdanovicha Street.

15:20 Nina Bahinskaja told why she came to the March.

15:17 These are the bright shots from the beginning of the March on Kamarouka.

15:15 People demand a tribunal for the criminal Lukashenka.

15:14 The atmosphere at Kamarouka is festive! The girls are supported by honking drivers.

15:12 People take pictures with Nina Bahinskaja.

15:10 Hundreds of march participants have already gathered at Kamarouka.

15:07 More girls join the Brilliant March.

15:01 Nina Bahinskaja also came to the Kamarouski market.

15:00 Near the Kamarouski market, there are many girls with sparkles. The March starts.