18 January 2022, Tuesday, 7:44
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Representatives Of Microdistricts In Belarusian Towns And Cities Call On Starting General Offensive On Usurper

Representatives Of Microdistricts In Belarusian Towns And Cities Call On Starting General Offensive On Usurper

They propose to hold a 97% March on September 27.

A number of Belarusian Telegram channels published a statement of the representatives of micro-districts of Belarusian cities and a number of strike committees.

The website Charter97.org gives here the full text of the statement:

- On August 9, the absolute majority of Belarusian citizens voted against the dictator Lukashenka, for Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya. The frightened government decided to rig the elections. We responded with a powerful protest. This protest has been going on for a month and a half, and all residents of the country, from small villages to Minsk, have taken part in it.

Every day we go out to street actions, hold marches and meetings in neighborhoods of our cities, conduct flash mobs and partisan actions. Every weekend hundreds of thousands of Belarusians gather in the center of their cities and demonstrate their desire to live in a free country.

The heroism, self-organization and courage of our people surprised the whole world.

We have shown that we are the overwhelming majority. Now we need to go further and strive for the fulfillment of our legal requirements - the release of all political prisoners, the resignation of Lukashenka, and the holding of fair elections. This requires maximum concentration of forces, an increase in the scale of the protest and decisive action.

The March of Justice showed what the weak and cowardly government fears the most - our strong and coordinated actions in the center of our cities.

The dictator wants to gain time to preserve his power, and expects the protest to fade away. We will not allow this.

We are representatives of resistance groups from the districts of Minsk, universities, as well as different cities of Belarus. We are all different, but we have one goal - the liberation of the country.

We propose to start a general offensive against the dictatorship and, as a first step, to hold a 97% March in the center of our cities at 14.00 on Sunday, September 27, to make this action the most massive in the history of Belarus. To do this, all supporters of change should concentrate their efforts on preparing it, starting to act right now.

What do we need for this?

Overall dissemination of information about the March. Leaflets, stickers, graffiti, any visual propaganda should appear every day in all accessible places.

The know-how of Belarusian protests - resistance groups in micro-districts and neighborhoods. Every day we need to talk to our neighbors who are not yet protesting, to invite them to the March.

Use all the opportunities that the Internet gives. Information about the March should be in all social networks and local chats.

We appeal to all Telegram channels, bloggers, media. We would like to thank you for your help and support, and ask you to spread the word about the March as widely as possible.

We ask our compatriots, all friends of free Belarus to hold rallies near the embassies of not only our country, but also Russia. Putin must understand that Lukashenka's support is unacceptable.

The creativity of Belarusians during the protest actions is amazing. Let's use it to come up with new ways to get the word out about the March.

We are starting the General Offensive. Long Live Belarus!

People's Initiative “General Offensive”:

Alena, microdistrict Yanki Maura Street, Minsk

Aleh, microdistrict Kamennaya Horka, Minsk

Belarus Freedom, Malinauka 4, 5, Minsk

Pavel, microdistrict Loshytsa, Minsk

Aliaksandr, microdistrict Mikhalova, Minsk

Aliaksandr, microdistrict Chyzhouka, Minsk

Dzmitry, microdistrict Zakharava, Minsk

Siarhei, area of Mahiliouskaya metro station, Minsk

Andrei, microdistrict Sukharava, Minsk

Dzmitry, microdistrict Serabranka, Minsk

Angelica, microdistrict Uruchcha, Minsk

Siarhei, microdistrict Anharskaya, Minsk

Ihar, microdistrict Malinauka 7, 8, Minsk

Alex, microdistrict South-West, Minsk

Andrei, microdistrict Sliapianka, Minsk

Stas, microdistrict Brylevichy, Minsk


Miarezha, BSUCA

Diana, BNTU

Vasil, Mahiliou

Yauhen, Navapolatsk

Valiantsin, Minsk region

Alhierd, Hrodna

Aliaksei, Homel

Iryna, Brest

Veranika, Zhlobin

Vasil, Smaliavichy

Max, Barysau

Siarhei, Lida

Aleh, Slutsk

Aliaksei, the strike committee at the Minsk Automobile Plant

Andrei, the strike committee at “Hrodna Azot”

The authors of the appeal invite all supporters of change to join the initiative.